Royal Canin
Royal Canin Weight Management Programme

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When does the competition open?
We are just finalising the details for the 2017/18 competition, and the website will re-open for entries in June.
Pet owners - Why can’t I enter my pet online myself?
To make sure your pet loses weight safely we recommend that you work with your Vet/Veterinary Nurse so that they can support and advise you throughout the process. For this reason, we request that all pets are registered and entered by your veterinary practice.
When will I know if I have won?
Everyone will be contacted by 15th June 2018 to acknowledge their entry and inform them if they are a finalist.
Finalists will be invited to our awards ceremony (date location to be advised) where the overall winner will be announced.
Veterinary Nurses – I find it difficult to enter online, can I enter by post?
Yes, postal entry forms are available from your Veterinary Business Manager. We will however require digital copies of any photos you which to use to support your entry.
Veterinary Nurses - For a short webinar on how to use the website, please click HERE