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Pet Obesity

Did you know that 39% of cats and 59% of dogs in the UK are classed as overweight or obese? Excess weight is a danger to your pet’s wellbeing and can lead to them feeling uncomfortable and less able to play and exercise. Being overweight may also cause or exacerbate problems such as heart and liver disease, mobility disorders, diabetes mellitus and lowered resistance to infectious diseases. If not addressed, ultimately, weight problems can lead to shortened life expectancy.
Remember, a healthy weight is not just a number, as no two pets are the same! A healthy body shape is far more important than your pet’s actual weight, and Body Condition Scoring is the best method for judging your pets shape. Your Vet or Veterinary Nurse can show you how to body condition score your pet using the 9 point scoring system.

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Body Condition Charts

The six diagrams below are body condition charts showing the variation in shape and characteristics of cats and dogs at different weight levels.  Click on a diagram to view a full screen version