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Top Photo Tips

We recommend that when uploading photos you ensure that each picture file has a resolution of 1600 pixels and a file size no larger than 2MB.
Some digital cameras and even mobile phones take pictures at a higher resolution than this, and if this is the case you will need to use a paint package to resize the image down to 1600 pixels width.  When resizing always use the option that maintains the aspect (width to height) ratio of the image.  Do not attempt to increase the size of an image by resizing as this will degrade the quality of the image.
You may also wish to crop your image to remove detail that is not required.  All paint packages include a crop feature where you can drag a rectangle around the area that you wish to crop to. It is advisable to do this before resizing the image down to 1600 pixels as the process of cropping will generally reduce the resolution anyway.  Once you have cropped to the area of the image that you wish to keep then you can resize to 1600 pixels width.

Do's & Don'ts

Here are some top tips on how to get the best before/after photos:-


  • Take a photo of your pet standing up, and make sure the before and after photos are taken from the same side/angle
  • Take photos from both the side and from above
  • Ensure the whole animal is in the picture
  • Make sure the picture is in focus with good lighting
  • Take the photo in landscape view wherever possible


  • Have other pets or people in the photo
  • Crop your pet
  • Dress your pet up